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Sterling silver earrings, Labradorite necklace

Sterling silver and copper earrings

Sterling silver earrings and Tiger's Eye/Antique Red White Heart necklace

"Paris", metal hanging art for windows or walls

"Viking Ship", etched metal hanging art for windows or walls

Brass and Copper cuff bracelets

Copper earrings, sterling silver & copper necklace

African Trade Beads, sterling silver, copper, brass

"Spain", metal hanging art for windows or walls

"Laugh", metal hanging art for windows or walls

"Love", metal hanging art for windows or walls


About Emunah Studio and Gallery

Kathy, a.k.a Emunah (her Hebrew middle name, meaning "faith", "truth", or "art"), together with her husband Steve, is pleased to present original jewellery and art, all lovingly designed and created at her studio in Fernwood Square. She also has a nifty selection of collectibles available for sale at the studio, on her Bubby's Tchotchkes (Yiddish for "Granny's Knicknacks") shelves.

Here are some of the things you can expect to find when you visit the studio:

  • Sterling silver, copper, and brass jewellery created by both Kathy and Steve
  • Hand drawn designs painstakingly cut into metal to hang on your window or wall
  • A collection of Steve's photography
  • Collectible original African Trade Beads, circa 1850 to 1950
  • Vintage cameras
  • Jewellery "Ladies" (for holding your jewellery)

Emunah Jewellery

Our jewellery is designed and created by both Kathy and Steve, and reflects rather distinct artistic styles.

We make all our own chain and earring hooks from sterling silver, and use a variety of smithing techniques to build all aspects of our jewellery.

You'll also find a variety of antique and vintage beads used to accent the jewellery.